Customizable Containers for Connoisseurs

- Designed to cure and keep your flower fresh for the best flavor ever.

Our Patent Pending Design allows for up to one (1) full Oz of premium flower plus all of your necessary tools and faves. Our engravable boxes can be customized for any occasion, as a gift or to help your brand gain more ground in your local area.

Meet Your New Favorite Humidor For Flower

Created by an award winning cultivator, our Flower Boxes are built to last, with multiple customizable edges and interior pieces. Air tight and beautiful, these are the perfect gift for any toker who cares about preserving their favorite strains.

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patented Design

Custom Built for Performance

made in the USA

Built to last


Custom Built For Connoisseurs

The creator of this patented humidor is an award winning cultivator. This is the box that helped him win the G3C Connoisseur Cup.

Lock in the Flavor

Our patented design keeps your favorite flavors without cross contamination.


Your flower will cure perfectly in our humidor. It won't go dry.

Perfect Humidity

Doesn't dry out your flower.


Holds One Ounce

Or 4 Quarters perfectly, without having your favorite flower come in contact with your other favorite flavors.



Our unique design is patented for the best storage and long lasting quality.


Built With Love

Created with love for an industry that we love.

About Our Patented Humidor

Our patented humidor is built for style and functionality. You can purchase them blank, already engraved, or you can customize your own.

Great for gifts, promotional material and even custom swag or accessories to sell in your store.

Contact us today to find out about our wholesale and bulk options. 

$10 from every purchase gets donated to the G3C nonprofit group.  To learn more about G3C click below. 


Wally's Wonder World Humidor

Try one for yourself today!

Great for Gifts



My Partner loves his!

We needed something for storage that looked great, and the box I bought for my parnter was perfect. Highly recommend for anyone that wants more that just a jar.



Awesome Humidor for Flower

These custom boxes look great and work great. It's way better than what I was using before.

Built by an Award Winning Cultivator for the Best Flower Experience

Thanks for helping to support a local small business.


The Collectible Humidor

Customizable and made from 100% solid wood.

Comes in 3 choices; Cherry, Sapele and Maple.

Holds a total of 1 ounce of product.

Base model holds 2 half counces separated by divider.

Premium model holds 4 quarter ounces separated by 2 dividers.

Cures flower when stored between 45-60 degrees F.

Includes 62% humidity pack and stanless steel tongs.